How it Works


how it worksThough the result you get is really simple, set-and-forget service, we’d like to encourage you get a better understanding of the whole process before enrolling UpDownSignals membership.

Generate. The process begins with live data gathered from the market. UpDownSignals algorithms transform the data information into signals. The signals are knowledge that comes in the right time to you. More information you can find in create the signals.

Signal. The signals you get, is arranged in an ‘easy to use’ order. The idea is to give you the most important information and only the important information.  If you wish to learn more about the signal structure pleas click what’s in the signal.

Trade. The signals you get assist you to raise your success rate for binary option trading as well as for position entrance for day. How to use the signals for option trading or day trading you can find in option trader or day trader.

Risk Management.  Trading involves many risks. We would suggest you to take a look at our ‘3 rules to trade options’. those rules are relevant also for day traders. Read more here: risk management.

For more information please check out our FAQ.