UPDOWNSIGNALS provides financial signal alerts, sent by SMS and emails, which predict whether the price of an asset will go up or down in the next three hours from the time the signal is received.

How much does the membership cost?

There are several plans to choose from, based on the period of subscription. For more details please check the features page.

How often are signals sent?
Signals are sent out once daily at around 11:30 New York, which is 16.30 gmt*, on trading days; Monday – Friday. * On daylignt saving time (summer time) it will be one hour earlier
Why are signals sent at 16:30 gmt? (15:30 on summer)

The reason for this is that our signals are generated once enough data has been gathered and calulations made which indicate that the signal is strong. Signals are sent 1-2 hours after the beginning of the US trading day.
* On daylignt saving time (summer time) it will be one hour earlier

Are signals sent worldwide?
Yes, signals are sent worldwide to all countries.
How many signals will I receive per day?
You will receive between 1-5 signals per day. If you check out our results page here;http://www.updownsignals.com/results/ you can see the number of recent signals sent out.
What is ‘Hold trading’ signal?
Sometime the models indicate uncertainty in the markets and a message with ‘Hold trading’ signal will be sent to you. We are sure that it is equally important when NOT to enter the markets.
How will I receive the signals?
You will receive the signals by SMS/TEXT message to the mobile phone number you provide when you register, and to your email.
How long are the signals valid for?
Each message contains the expiry time. generally speaking , the signal are valid for 3 hours after receipt.
What do I do with the signal once I receive it?
Once you  have received the signals its time to place your trade. You can place you trade anytime between the time it is received and the expiry time, as long as the price is right. For further information please click on this linkhttp://www.updownsignals.com/how-it-works/ .
Which types of traders use these signals?
Our signals are used by Forex Traders, Day Traders, Binary Options Traders and Investment Consultants.
Which trading platform can I use your signals on?
Our signals are trading signals which work with any trading platform that allows you to trade in the 3 hour time frame. In some platforms this feature is called ‘OPTION BUILDER’. If you are unsure please contact us, stating which platform you use and we will be happy to advise further.
What does PUT and CALL mean?
When a signal states PUT it means that our calculations predict that the asset price will be below the quotation in the signals. It is also refered by some as DOWN When a signal states CALL it means that our calculations predict that the asset price will be above the quatation in the signals. It is also refered by some as UP
How much should I trade with?
Our signals give predictions indicating where the market will be in the next three hours. The amount you choose to trade with and how you choose to trade is entirly up to you.
How successful are your signals?
All our results are published on our results page weekly, the numbers speak for themselves.
Are the numbers in the result page correct?
The result page is based on real market data and real numbers. So yes, the numbers are correct.
How often do you post past results?
We post past results once or twice a week, depending on the number of signals sent
I receive the same signal twice. Why? Which time frame is correct?
If our SMS gateway partner indicates that you did not receive the first SMS it will automatically be re-sent to you. If you receive the same signal twice the first time frame is correct.
didn’t receive any signals today. What should I do?
If today is a trading day and you have not receive an SMS please contact us ASAP; http://www.updownsignals.com/contact-us/
Do you recommend trading on binary option platforms?
Not really, in short we can say that binary option platforms make money when we lose. We do understand though, that the high yields can be very attractive. It is highly recommended to visit forums and read as many reviews as you can.
Which trading broker or trading platform do you recommend?
Many different types of traders use our signals and it is hard to recommend a platform without knowing what you personally would do with our signals. If you contact us stating your needs and indicating which platforms you are currently using we would be happy to assist you.
I am new to binary option trading, are your signals right for me?
If you are totally new to trading we suggest that you read up and don’t ‘jump too high’. Our signals would be great for you. We recommend that you decide on an amount of money that you are willing to lose and start trading on that.
What are my payment options if payment isn’t accepted from my country?
All major credit cards are accepted. Furthermore, you could open an e-wallet such as PAYPAL or NETTELER for secure online payment. For more information please contact our processing company – clickbank
How is the monthly fee paid?
Once you have subscribed the monthly fee will be deducted from your account automatically every month until subscription in cancelled.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can send an email to us, asking to cancel the subscription or contact clickbank, the processing company (you should have the needed details in the receipt you received from them).
I cancelled my subscription and would like to re-new it. How can I do so?

Please re-subscribe here; http://www.updownsignals.com/ordernow/

But remember – you are not allowed to abuse our trial payment terms by subscribing, canceling and re-subscribing several times.


How can I find out what my country code is?
You can find out what your country code is by searching the following on the internet; XYZ country code (insert your country in place of XYZ).
Do you provide phone support?
No we do not provide phone support but please contact us with your queries and we will get back to you in 1 working day.
How many signals will I receive during my week trial?
You will receive between 1-5 signals per day. All subscribed members receive exactly the same signals.