In order to use a signal for trading, it will be a good idea to use the signal for selection decision and treat the signal as a market sentiment. Let’s elaborate: The signal gives you the name of an asset that statistically, has more clear direction in compare to another asset. Each signal also gives you the direction of trade (call-long/put-shout). After you get the signal you can place an order. In regular trading, you have at least 3 decisions:

1. Position Entrance

This decision includes:

Selection. What is the asset I should trade? Direction. What is the direction (long/short) I should take? Price. What is the price I should place?

2. Position Exit

This decision includes:

Take profit. What is the profit that would satisfy me? Alternatives. Another opportunity is growing up. When should I exit the existing position?

3. Risk Management

This decision includes:

Stop lose. What is the lowest(long)/highest(short) price I will exit the position? Money mng. How much money I would put in risk?

TAKE CARE. THE SIGNAL MIGHT HELP YOU WITH THE FIRST DECISION. To make money, you will have to be focused also in the 2nd and 3rd decisions. After getting experience, you will adjust and synchronize all the 3 decisions in such a way that you will make money more than you lose… Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. Those adjustments and synchronization takes time. Even the longest journey starts with the first step… With the signals you first decision would be easy! you will know what asset will be reasonable to select, what order to place and what will be the appropriate price to trade. Just click below to register to our service.